The Woodcut Process
The Woodcut Process


Traditional and contemporary folk


So who are the Woodcuts...?

Jason Biggs

lead singer and guitarist

Jason started life in the Woodcuts as a bass player
way back when the band was less folk and more punk.

With the departure of the orignal guitarist, Jason
led the way with a distinctly more folk flavour leaving
the bass behind and returning to the acoustic guitar.

Louisa Wansborough (Biggs)

Violin, vocals, tin whistle and percussion

Louisa started with the Woodcuts as an ocasional guest violinist, but being the lead singer's little sister
it wasn't long before the Woodcuts became a regular 3-piece.

Although a classically trained violinist, she had a taste for folk music from an early age. This can probably be attributed to a family holiday in Scotland where she heard her first folk band - the McCalmans, in a very rainy Oban.

Sam Wansborough

Bass and Keys

As a classically trained pianist, Sam started life with the Woodcuts as sound engineer and occasional pianist. He then subsequently became the new bass player.

Mark Gonzalves

Song writer and Drummer

The only original member and source of many Woodcut songs, Mark has been a driving force since the band's inception.

His keen enthusiasm for the band has led to many exciting gigs around the country.

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